A Monographs

  • Sprache und Regeln. Zur Normativität von Bedeutung, Berlin: Akademie Verlag,  1999. (The book is out of print but can be downloaded here.)

B Papers by Topic

1. Perception

  • “Illusory Looks”, in: Epistemology After Sextus Empiricus, ed. by K. Vogt and J. Vlasits, OUP 2020, 48-74. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Defeating Looks”,  in Synthese 195, 2018: 2985-3012. Open access.
  • “Talking about Looks”, in Review of Philosophy and Psychology 8, 2017: 781-807. Open access.
  • “Intentionalism, Defeasibility, and Justification”, in Philosophical Studies 173, 2016: 1007-1030. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Constancy in Variation. An Argument for Centering the Contents of Experience?” in: About Oneself: De Se Thought and Communication, ed. by S. Torre and M. García-Carpintero. Oxford: OUP 2016, 56-85. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Looks, Reasons, and Experiences”, in Does Experience have Content?, ed. by B. Brogaard, Oxford: OUP 2014, 76-102. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Martin on the Semantics of ‘Looks'”, in: Thought 1, 2013: 292-300.   Pdf.
  • “Perception and Intermediaries”, in Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental, ed. by G. Preyer, New York: OUP, 2012: 192-213. Pdf.
  • “Colors and the Content of Color Experience”, in: Croatian Journal of Philosophy XII, 2012: 421-437. Pdf.
  • “In Defence of a Doxastic Account of Experience”, in Mind & Language 24, 2009: 297-373. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Colors without Circles”, in Erkenntnis 66, 2007: 107-131. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “On Perceiving That”, in Theoria 70, 2004, 197-212. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Putnam, James und die Wahrnehmung”, in Hilary Putnam und die Tradition des Pragmatismus,  ed. M. Raters/M. Willaschek, Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp Verlag, 2001. Pre-publication pdf.

2. Switcher Semantics (more here)

  • “Växelsemantik (Switcher Semantics)”, with Peter Pagin, in Filosofisk Tidskrift 39, 2918: 36-51. (In Swedish.)
  • “Vulcan Might Have Existed and Neptune Not. On the Semantics of Empty Names”, with Peter Pagin, in Empty Representations: Reference and Non-Existence, ed. by M. García-Carpintero and G. Martí, Oxford: OUP 2014, 117-141. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Reply to Forbes”, with Peter Pagin, in Analysis 72, 2012: 293-303. doi: 10.1093/analys/ans033.
  • “General Terms and Relational Modality”, with Peter Pagin, in Nous 46:1, 2012: 159-199. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Relational Modality”, with Peter Pagin, in Journal of Logic, Language, and Information 17, 2008: 307-322. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Analyticity, Modality, and General Terms”, with Peter Pagin, in Hommage à Wlodek. Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Wlodek Rabinowicz, ed. T. Rønnow-Rasmussen, Dept. of Philosophy, Lund University: online publication 2007. Hommage à Wlodek.
  • “Proper Names and Relational Modality”, with Peter Pagin, in Linguistics and Philosophy 29, 2006: 507-535. Pre-publication pdf.

3. Normativity of Meaning, Content, Belief etc.

  • “Reasons for Belief and Normativity”, with Å. Wikforss, in The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity, ed. D. Star, Oxford: OUP 2018, 575-599. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Still no Guidance: Reply to Steglich-Petersen”, with Åsa Wikforss,  in Theoria 81, 2015: 272–279. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Meaning Normativism: Against the Simple Argument”, with Åsa Wikforss, in Organon F 22, 2015 (Supplementary Issue): 63-73. (This paper includes most of the material from the unp. ms. “Against Normativity Again: Reply to Whiting”. Pdf.)
  • “Aiming at Truth: On the Role of Belief”, with Åsa Wikforss, in teorema 32 (special issue on the Aim of Belief, ed. by J. Zalabardo), 2013: 137-162. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Against Belief Normativity”, with Åsa Wikforss, in: The Aim of Belief, ed. by T. Chan, Oxford: OUP 2013, 121-146. Pre-publication pdf.
  • Review: Dana Riesenfeld, The Rei(g)n of ‘Rule’, ontos 2010. In Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2011.10.11:
  • “The Truth Norm and Guidance: a Reply to Steglich-Petersen”, with Åsa Wikforss, in Mind 119, 2010: 757-761; doi: 10.1093/mind/fzq061.
  • “Es braucht die Regel nicht. Wittgenstein on Rules and Meaning”, with Åsa Wikforss, in The Later Wittgenstein on Meaning, ed. D. Whiting, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2010: 148-166. Pdf.
  • “The Normativity of Meaning and Content”, with Åsa Wikforss, in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, June, 2009, subst. revision Jan. 2018.
  • “Against Content Normativity”, with Åsa Wikforss, in Mind 118, 2009: 31-70. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Normativistische Wende in der Sprachphilosophie?” in Information Philosophie 5, 2002. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Explizites und implizites Regelfolgen”, in Institutionen und Regelfolgen, ed. U. Baltzer/ G. Schönrich, Paderborn: mentis 2002. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Dreams and Nightmares. Conventions, Norms, and Meaning in Davidson’s Philosophy of Language”, in Interpreting Davidson, ed. P. Kotatko/P. Pagin/G. Segal, CSLI Publications, Stanford CA, 2001: 53-74. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Bedeutung zwischen Norm und Naturgesetz”, Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 48, 2000: 449-468. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Sense and Prescriptivity”, Acta analytica 14, 1999: 111-128. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Rules of Meaning and Practical Reasoning”, with Peter Pagin, Synthese 117, 1999: 207-227.  Pre-publication pdf.

4. Davidson and Foundational Semantics

  • “Interpretation and the Interpreter. On the Role of the Interpreter in Davidsonian Foundational Semantics”, in The Science of Meaning. Essays on the Metatheory of Natural Language Semantics, ed. D. Ball & B. Rabern, OUP 2018: 226-252.
  • “Rule-Following and Charity: Wittgenstein and Davidson on Meaning Determination”,  in Wittgenstein and Davidson on Thought, Language, and Action, ed. C. Verheggen, Cambridge University Press 2017: 69-96. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Convention and Meaning”, in A Companion to Donald Davidson, ed. by E. Lepore and K. Ludwig, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell 2013: 339-360. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Perception and Intermediaries”, in Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental, ed. by G. Preyer, New York: OUP, 2012: 192-213. Pdf.
  • “Theories of Meaning and Truth Conditions”, in The Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Language, ed. M. García-Carpintero and M. Kölbel, London: Continuum 2012: 84-105. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Critical Notice: Donald Davidson’s Collected Essays”, in Dialectica 61, 2007: 275-284. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Brown on the Reductio”, in What Determines Content? The Internalism/Externalism Dispute, ed. T. Marvan, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press 2006. Pdf.
  • “The Status of Charity I: Conceptual Truth or Aposteriori Necessity?”, in International Journal of Philosophical Studies 14, 2006: 337-359. Pre-publication pdf. This paper has a companion: “The Status of Charity II”, by Peter Pagin (in the same issue of IJPS). Both are reprinted in: Donald Davidson. Life and Words, ed. by M. Baghramian, Routledge 2013.
  • “Triangulation”, in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language, ed. E. Lepore/B. Smith, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2006, 1006-1019. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Externalismus und phänomenologische Methode”, in Phänomenologie und Sprachanalyse, ed. G. Keil, U. Tietz, Paderborn: mentis 2006. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Analyticity and Implicit Definition”, in Fifty Years of Quine’s ‘Two Dogmas’, Grazer Philosophische Studien 66, 2003, 37-60. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Is there such a thing as weakness of the will?”, in A philosophical smorgasbord: essays on action, truth and other things in honour of Fredrick Stoutland, ed. K. Segerberg, R. Sliwinski, Uppsala: Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University , 2003.  Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Meaning theory and autistic speakers”, with Peter Pagin, in Mind & Language 18, 2003: 23-51. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Alter Hut kleidet gut. Zur Verteidigung des semantischen Holismus”, in Holismus in der Philosophie, ed. M. Seel/J. Liptow/ G. Bertram, Velbrück Wissenschaft Verlag, 2001. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Wittgenstein and Davidson on Agreement in Judgment”, in From the Tractatus to the Tractatus (and other Essays), ed. G. Oliveri (Wittgenstein Studies 2, 2000), Peter Lang, Frankfurt a. M, 2001: 81-103. Pre-publication pdf.
  • “Dreams and Nightmares. Conventions, Norms, and Meaning in Davidson’s Philosophy of Language”, in Interpreting Davidson, ed. P. Kotatko/P. Pagin/G. Segal, CSLI Publications, Stanford CA, 2001: 53-74. Pre-publication pdf.

C Podcasts and Videos

Proper Names, Propositions, and Relevant Data

Keynote Lecture, ECAP 10, Utrecht August 2020.

Om filosofers liv och tankar – Life and Thoughts of the Philosophers

Podcast from the Dept. of Philosophy in Lund (in English, April 2017).


Belief, Alief and Experience

Recording from the Implicit Mind Workshop at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm, May 2015.


Discussing the contents of perception  with Chris Gauker on Philosophy TV (May 18, 2011).


What is Belief?  With Åsa Wikforss.

Recording from the Aim of Belief conference, Oslo June 2009.